My Recomendations for Smoke Detectors

My Recommendation for Residential Smoke Alarms

Based off a massive amount of research, I believe that every home should only be equipped with a Photo Electric Smoke detector.

The Main Reasons are as follows:

  1. 51% of Civilian Fire Fatalities Occur between 10PM and 6AM, this indicates that they most often occur while people are sleeping which suggests the likelyhood of a slow smoldering fire.  Additionally, when located by the fire department 70% percent of those fatalities were either in the bedroom or trying to escape.  Roughly 86% of those who died were from smoke inhalation and assosciated burns.
  2. Photoelectic detectors detect a smoldering fire on average 30 minutes sooner than an Ionization detector.  The failure rate of a Photoelectric detector is about 4% while it is nearly 50% for ionization.
  3. Ionization detectors are a major source of nuissance alarms.  This leads to occupants disabling the device.  In 37% of fatality fires the detector was a disabled ionization detector.  Photoelectric detectors have a very low propensity for nuissance alarms.
  4. Due to the nuissance alarms I do not recomend dual detectors.  YOU MUST have a working detector.  The manufactures will tell you the ionization is better at detecting flaming fires, which is true.  However there is a 45 second average difference and most flaming fires occur while being attended to by people ie: cooking fires.

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