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Home Fire Sprinklers

Home Fire Sprinklers

In 2013 the average cost for a home fire sprinkler system was $1.35 per square foot.  The price has dropped about six cents per year since 2008.  So the cost is now likely 1.20 per square foot.  The average new home in Gardner is about 1700 square feet. So a sprinkler system will cost around $2200.  How does this compare to other construction costs.  Most flooring costs an avergae of 2.80 per square foot so a sprinkler system that will save your life costs less than half of carpet.

Home Fire Sprinklers

My Recomendations for Smoke Detectors

My Recommendation for Residential Smoke Alarms

Based off a massive amount of research, I believe that every home should only be equipped with a Photo Electric Smoke detector.

The Main Reasons are as follows:

  1. 51% of Civilian Fire Fatalities Occur between 10PM and 6AM, this indicates that they most often occur while people are sleeping which suggests the likelyhood of a slow smoldering fire.  Additionally, when located by the fire department 70% percent of those fatalities were either in the bedroom or trying to escape.  Roughly 86% of those who died were from smoke inhalation and assosciated burns.
  2. Photoelectic detectors detect a smoldering fire on average 30 minutes sooner than an Ionization detector.  The failure rate of a Photoelectric detector is about 4% while it is nearly 50% for ionization.
  3. Ionization detectors are a major source of nuissance alarms.  This leads to occupants disabling the device.  In 37% of fatality fires the detector was a disabled ionization detector.  Photoelectric detectors have a very low propensity for nuissance alarms.
  4. Due to the nuissance alarms I do not recomend dual detectors.  YOU MUST have a working detector.  The manufactures will tell you the ionization is better at detecting flaming fires, which is true.  However there is a 45 second average difference and most flaming fires occur while being attended to by people ie: cooking fires.

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